MANE and a new Premium seating customer


In January 2019 our Global Account Manager within the Cabin Interiors team received a call from a Manager at a Global Seating manufacturer. He had just joined this organisation and having with Steve McCarney from MANE previously, reached out to see if MANE could help him find 12 Skilled Seat fitters on a temp/contract basis.

These were roles that our Aerospace Team has plenty of experience with and a very strong network of candidates already existed.

Within 24 hours we had submitted 10 qualified and suitable candidates and within the following 48 hours a further 10 candidates CV’s had been shortlisted and submitted for review.

The feedback on all CV’s was positive, many of the candidates submitted had worked for MANE for many years and were also known to the hiring manager. 12 candidates were selected to start over the next two weeks.

Our Global Account Manager travelled by plane to the client site on the 1 st Monday to support the candidates and the client with their 1 st day induction. This was extremely beneficial to all parties; the candidates had a ‘friendly face’ who most of them already knew, the client had additional support HR with the co-ordination of the day and from MANE’s perspective it provided us with a huge insight as the company and operations taking place across this site. We replicated the same approach for the following Monday starters and on this occasion, our Global Account Manager was introduced to other Manufacturing managers, team leaders and managers within the Quality department.

The relationship continued to develop based on our ability to deliver the right people at the right
time. The client was also very happy with the service that they received, but mentioned on several occasions how impressed they were with the ‘candidate experience’ the contractors were receiving.

This was down to the time and effort that our Aerospace team invested in ensuring all candidates
were fully briefed on what to expect, they were fully supported with any travel and accommodation arrangements (where required, most candidates were local candidates) and any queries or issues were quickly rectified.

By January 2020, only 12 months from the initial inbound call, MANE had signed an exclusive partnership agreement with this customer and had over 100 contractors working across 3 sites.