Britain’s construction industry has seen impressive growth

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According to recent research, Britain’s construction-equipment industry has seen revenue gro...

According to recent research, Britain’s construction-equipment industry has seen revenue growth of 15% in the four years before 2022.

Regardless of Brexit, the pandemic and supply-chain restrictions bringing new challenges for the industry to overcome, the Construction Equipment Association's (CEA) UK Construction Equipment Sector Report for 2023 has showcased further impressive growth in 2023. Experts have praised the sector’s resilience over multiple economically challenging years.

A report found that in the four years leading up to 2022, the workforce grew by a whopping 10%, increasing from 40,000 workers to 44,000 workers.

With this in mind, Britain’s construction sector has invested over 250 million pounds of investment into research and development each year. In terms of sales, this investment puts it 5th on a global scale, and in first place in Europe.

Whilst Britain is a major exporter of construction equipment, it holds five overseas locations, which include the US, the Republic of Ireland, Germany, France and Australia. These locations have received over 50% of these equipment exports in 2022.

On top of all of this, Britain is currently aiming to move towards a low-carbon footprint future, which may serve some challenges for the UK but it will also open brand-new doors.

To keep on track with these low-carbon goals, the UK’s construction-equipment industry must invest in creating new capabilities and refining its current processes. In order to achieve the desirable green transition, the UK need to mainly focus on telematics and hydraulics.

What’s to come for the future of Britain’s Infrastructure?

For the sector to continue thriving in the future, it needs to continue to demonstrate superb resilience and adaptability is responding to new challenges which arise. Along with any new hurdles which occur, Britain’s infrastructure must continue to show rapid growth in the coming years.


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