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I recently joined the team at Mane and wanted to share just some of the reasons why I chose ...

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I recently joined the team at Mane and wanted to share just some of the reasons why I chose recruitment as my career path! Over the years, I’ve heard plenty of reasons why people chose to work in recruitment. Some say they just “fell into it”. For me, it’s the people. Here are seven other compelling reasons why you might want to be a recruiter:

1) You can get promoted fast

Recruitment offers endless opportunities for personal development throughout your career–not only formal training, but also learning on the job from colleagues. With a bit of hard work and the right attitude, you can get on the fast track to promotion and rapidly grow your career.

2) It’s like being an entrepreneur without the risk

Running your own recruitment desk is like running your own business. You have the flexibility to choose your work-life balance, build your own client and candidate base and create your own success–but you’ll also share in the success of the team and have their support, rather than having to face everything alone.

3) Your earning potential is unlimited

No matter what your base salary is, you can earn unlimited commission, meaning you’ll be fairly rewarded for every success and motivated to become the best you can be.

4) You’re changing lives

Recruitment is meaningful, rewarding work where you can see the positive impact you’re having on people’s lives every day. Whether it’s placing someone in their dream role or helping someone hire their ideal candidate, the buzz of excitement never gets old.

5) The tech makes it so much easier

The tech revolution has transformed how we work in recruitment, from finding candidates on LinkedIn to holding interviews and meetings on Zoom and Teams. There’s always something new to learn, and it’s easier to connect with people than ever before. If you like social media, you’ll really enjoy this aspect of your job.

6) You can be innovative

There’s plenty of room to innovate in recruitment–the best recruiters think outside the box. Having fresh ideas and trying new things will give you the edge over your competitors, give you access to the top talent, and help you provide a better service. It’s also great fun.

7) The competition is exciting

If you have a competitive side, you’ll love recruitment. Whether it’s friendly competition between you and your colleagues, or working together as a team to crush your competitors, there’s always plenty to get your adrenaline flowing, ignite your fighting spirit, and drive you to be the best you can be.

If you’re inspired, or even just intrigued, check out our careers portal to see how we can support you in launching your recruitment career at any age–no experience needed!

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