We've Been Awarded Gold Accreditation from Investors in People

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We are pleased to announce that Investors in People (IIP) has awarded us gold accreditation,...

We are pleased to announce that Investors in People (IIP) has awarded us gold accreditation, an honour that highlights how people are at the forefront of everything we do. As an international organisation, IIP takes notice of businesses who value their people. It’s all about investing in people and making workplaces better for employees, which we put a lot of time and energy into.

Why is Getting Gold Accreditation So Important?

Close to 50,000 organisations have been given gold accreditation by IIP in the last 30 years, and it’s an accreditation that’s recognised worldwide. In fact, 66 countries around the world consider it to be a benchmark for people management. Being worthy of gold accreditation isn’t simply a case of ticking a handful of boxes, nor is it an exercise we do for glory. We truly believe that people are as important to Mane as anything else, which is why everything we do is centred around our people. After all, we wouldn’t be able to achieve the same results without them.

What Did We Do to Get the Accreditation?

When awarding gold accreditations, IIP looks at what companies are doing to invest in people. They do this by looking at a framework which highlights leadership, support and improvements being taken. We put a lot of time into ensuring our staff are happy at work, and there is always support available. Things such as our values and communication were highlighted, as was our involvement in the wellbeing of people. Due to our hardwork and dedication to our people, we matched what they were looking for.

We have created a welcoming, friendly and enjoyable place to work, and we are proud of that. But, it’s extremely humbling to have this recognised by IIP. Every business and industry has struggled in recent years, but it’s safe to say that we have come through the storm and put just as much effort into our people as we always have.

  • We have clear values and expectations, which our team shares with us.
  • We support and encourage everyone, ensuring they have the chance to perform to the best of their abilities. To ensure this is always the case, we undertake regular performance reviews.
  • We create roles that allow people to work together, to develop and to progress within their chosen career.

Gary Shayler, CEO of Mane, said "it’s an amazing achievement to be awarded gold accreditation, as it recognises how much Mane cares about those we work with. It’s also a nod to the welcoming culture, workplace and community we have created.”

Shayler went on to explain, “Mane is not stopping here, and we are going to keep working on making our workplace an even better place to be. We aim to grow, evolve and develop our commitment to people at all times.”


Our HR Director Emma Sullivan, receives the IIP Gold certificate

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