Mane Energy Issue 12 - August 2019

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Our brand new Energy magazine is issue 12! Our brand new Energy magazine is Issue 12! Our...

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Our brand new Energy magazine is issue 12!

Our brand new Energy magazine is Issue 12! Our issue has a look into the hot topics of the moment, covering renewable energy in the UK, Asia and Costa Rica, looking at new energy records, and the completion of the Beatrice wind farm in Scotland. We also look into some of the current projects we’re working on whilst talking to our very own Calum Galvin about how his first year at Mane has been.

All this and more in Issue 12 of the Energy magazine! Click here to open.


We discuss how the UK stand when it comes to wind power. The UK is currently one of the best locations in the world, especially for offshore wind. With over 8GW of offshore wind power installed, we are definitely on track to becoming number one. A new government deal suggests the UK could more than double its wind power capacity to 30GW, exciting times to come.

COSTA RICA                                                                       

Costa Rica is pioneering the future of running on renewable energy. In the last four years, Costa Rica has generated 98.53% of its electricity from renewable sources. Not only this, they become the first country in the world to completely decarbonize. Can any country come close to this?


The Beatrice Wind Farm was completed on the 14th May when the last of the 84 turbines were installed. The farm achieved 587.9MW of electricity which is enough to power 450,000 homes. It’s predicted that the wind farm will be fully operational for over 25 years. What’s next for Scotland when it comes to renewables?


Wind power has become an extremely important source of energy generation around the world with a global capacity reaching over 600GW in 2018. According to a recent report, we have put together our leader board for the top ten countries who hold the most capacity to produce wind energy.

Getting to Know Us...
Our Energy team at Mane is growing and expanding to cover more and more areas of a very large industry. In ‘Meet Calum’ learn more about one sector we recruit in and a little more behind the staff that drive us forward.


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