Ganga Shipbuilding

Dredging International, which is part of DEME Group, is a long-standing client of Mane’s for projects in the UK and Belgium. It is currently working on a new shipyard in China, a geographical region that Mane is increasingly expanding into.

Mane have, for some time, been supplying the company with health and safety staff across Europe. This project began with one role for a health and safety professional to work in China with a very specific job spec. It asked for an individual who not only had a long list of very specific qualifications, but also extensive experience both onshore and offshore in a senior position with similar companies, who was passionate, flexible and had solutions to drive the project forward, rather than simply ‘policing’. The client also needed to find someone who could start as soon as possible. Mane delivered within 24 hours.

Today Mane is supplying talent to manage health and safety as well as vessel managers to oversee ship builds and ship repair in dry dock and supervisory and technical staff. The project plays well to the strength and skills of Mane’s existing talent pool, with roles such as project managers, engineers, health and safety personnel and office based professionals all within scope. 

While not strictly an energy project in the purest sense of the word, the required talent pool needs experience in offshore projects to understand specification of vessels which will ultimately be deployed in the energy sector, specifically wind farms, across the world.

The best health and safety personnel come from an offshore background; oil & gas, wind and nuclear are widely considered to be the most dangerous industries, and professionals in these sectors work at a much higher level than general practitioners. Experience in offshore projects also ensures that these practitioners truly understand the specification the vessel has to be up to.

Candidates are predominantly sourced from the UK, which has highest levels of health and safety in the world. These candidates may be geographically fixed in China, or fluid. For example, vessel managers working on this project are regularly seconded to Singapore or Nigeria.

Mane is also assisting the client with permanent recruitment in this sector, with EU professionals, who are permanently employed by the European arm of the company, being based in China for six months of the year.

There can, unsurprisingly, be challenges in recruiting candidates for projects such as this. A significant proportion of contractors, particularly those with young children, are sceptical about leaving family to travel so far, especially given the 12 week rotation period on this particular job. However, thanks to Mane’s detailed market knowledge and reach, it is able to source professionals who are both qualified and able to commit to these roles. Mane also provides added value to the client by managing visa sponsorship for candidates, often at the last minute. Mane works with carefully selected, trusted partners which can make sure this happens quickly.  

Although this project is ongoing, feedback from the client to date is extremely positive. Long term, Mane has agreed that contractors working on the project can move to permanent positions with the client if all parties are happy for them to do so. This is driving the client relationship forward to ensure success for the future, while simultaneously looking after the interests of candidates, who may also become clients in the near future.