Product and technology division development within TMC

Project brief

In 2017, Mane began working with one of the leading global business travel management companies to build a brand new product and tech division. The business - which has a turnover of £25 billion – invested in revamping and upgrading its technology landscape, which led to the creation of a new arm for the business - a hotel’s digital product. This required a number of staff, ranging from product managers, analysts and data scientists through to architects and product directors. 

While the opportunity to work on a start-up product that attained the financial backing from a global business certainly had its appeal, the company faced a number of challenges.

Finding suitable applicants holding both the right skills, and were culturally fit for the project was a critical barrier to overcome -an issue which was exacerbated by the international scope of the work. While the main hub of operations was in London, the company currently has offices across 32 international locations, including USA, France, Germany as well as the UK.

In addition, the roles had very specific criteria, including a need for previous GDS (Global Distribution Systems) such as Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport, Worldspan and an online booking tool experience such as Concur, KDS, AETM, Cytric. Additionally, they had a background in hotel connectivity, DHISCO, Derbysoft, Pegasus software and other technology specific skills. With a limited number of candidates falling under this specific bracket, the company struggled to build a team and turned to Mane for help.

Having taken time to get to know the business and its culture, Mane was able to drill further down into what skills the management team really needed for the project. With an extensive and crucially engaged network of professionals in the field, Mane was able to quickly fill a third of the client’s overall team. Accordingly, Mane effortlessly managed to supply 25 permanent and temporary experts. The majority of the contract placements have been so successful that they have been extended. The success of the first phase of placements, led to the client agreeing to further the 12 month recruitment process with Mane to source product managers and analysts for their research & development team.

Mane also played a crucial consultancy role throughout the relationship. Where placements across borders had proven a challenge, the team highlighted where remote working would perhaps prove beneficial in order to attract highly sought-after skills. Mane also worked with the company to overcome the difficulties that surrounded some of the detailed criteria that had been previously defined – for example, demonstrating where the need for a German speaking individual might not be necessary, given the growth of the English language in the country’s business environment. 

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