World Mental Health Day 2018

Today is World Mental Health Day as decided by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Here at Mane, we recruit a lot of candidates to a lot of different roles across many industries and seniority levels. No matter what candidate we place, we believe we are placing somebody to a good company with a good workplace and atmosphere.

In the workplace though, no matter where it is, how it is or what it is like – there is always a chance somebody’s mental health could be affected. It could come from events at home, events going on in your personal life, your health or in the workplace. Mental health is something that nobody is exempt from.

Mental Health is seen as a massive stigma not just in the UK but across the World. It has always seemed taboo to discuss mental health with many having different perceptions of what mental health actually is.

Your mental health in short is your mental being. It’s the point where you develop either anxiety, depression, stress or another mental state and it drags you down. It makes you feel like less of a person, upset and affects your physical health.

It can go from being just a thing in your head to making you physically tired, upset, sick and sometimes even worse.

There is help available – and we urge anybody who even feels like they are going through what might be the start of a mental health issue, no matter how big or mild to just talk to somebody.

Keeping things bottled up to yourself is one of the worst things you can do. Talking with somebody like a charity, a friend, family members, etc can help to ease any mental health issue.

In the UK – 15 million absence days have been accredited to stress, anxiety or depression per year according to the Office of National Statistics. The Centre of Mental Health even states that as much £26 billion is spent to assist mental health conditions per year.

Mental Health is as serious as physical help and shouldn’t be seen as someone just talking about feelings or admitting weakness. Discussing them no matter if you are male or female or in any condition is how problems are solved. Finding weaknesses and fixing them is how you build your strengths.