Why is now a great time to become a UX Designer?

If you’ve been thinking about a career in UX, right now might be the perfect time to get started.

As more organizations have adopted web-based platforms, the demand for skilled UX professionals has risen dramatically across the nation. The demand for these workers far surpasses those who are actually in the UX career. As a result, UX salaries have dramatically increased to try and attract these professionals with adequate experience and skills.

The number one in-demand role for 2018 was a UX designer, according to the Onward Search Digital, Creative and Marketing Professionals Salary Guide. Employers are struggling to find UX professionals, not only because there is a shortage but many recruiters struggle to fill the roles because there’s a knowledge gap in terms of what UXers do, how you assess them and how do you even find them. 

With UX being a relatively new field, it can also be tricky to find candidates that do have the relevant experience behind them. Leading to hiring either under-qualified workers or not hiring at all – leading to lost productivity. 

A report from 2016 (Mind the Gap: A Report on the UK’s Technology Skills Landscape) recorded a 289 per cent increase in the request for UX interviews. Not only this but in 2017, Adobe spoke to 500 managers working in UX design and asked them about their needs and hiring priorities. A staggering 87% of managers said that hiring UX designers was the top priority for the organisation, higher than graphic designers and product managers.

A huge 73% said they planned to double the amount of UX designers in their organisation by 2021 as they try to cope with the ever-growing demand. With companies struggling to find the right candidates, this has pushed the wage rate to an all-time high.

Due to the growing demand for those with UX experience, the salaries are being pushed up. It’s an example of supply and demand – with low supply and high demand, salaries have risen dramatically. It also allows for UX professionals to ask for more for their services.

Starting salaries for graduate junior UX designers start between £19,000 and £25,000. Rising to between £30,000 to £60,000 for experienced UX designers. From there, Senior UX designers can earn from £60,000 to around £90,000. Leads designers can earn from a huge £80,000 up to £150,000. Salaries in London and surrounding areas are typically higher. 

Due to the high demand, it also means that freelance UX designers have the opportunity to make up to £600 per day. In the last two years, contract rates for UX designers have grown by a massive 18%. It’s very clear that salaries and day rates are on the rise for UX roles, particularly as you gain experience in the field and move up the ladder. 

What a time to make the move into a UX career.