What to do When You Don't Like Your New Job

In your first few days or weeks in a new role, it's normal to feel out of place as you're adjusting to your new setting. These feelings usually subside as you settle into your position in the company. It's likely that you've had this feeling before, but what happens if you simply don't like your new job? 

Here are some tips for you if you feel your new job isn't working for you:

  1. Give it a chance. You’ve come into a new job, it’s a whole new world for you. After the first week, don’t assume you hate your new job and quit. Give yourself some time to fit into the new role before making a decision. Have you had this feeling before at a job? If so, did it eventually pass? Change is difficult to deal with, but give it some time and you might find that you actually love your job.
  2. Figure out the problem. When asked, most people can’t think of a specific reason why they don’t like their new job. This can make identifying and fixing the underlying issue difficult. Is it the role, the procedures, the culture, your manager? Focus on what’s making you anxious about your new job, and see if you can adjust to it.
  3. Talk to your manager. Once you’ve identified the problem it’s a lot easier to talk to your manager about it. Work with the manager to try to come to a solution. Do you have some suggestions to improve some of the processes at work to make things more enjoyable? Then make your voice heard!
  4. Build your network. While you’re trying to assess the situation and fix problems, use the opportunity to network, connect with people and send your CV out. Keep track of new job opportunities that come up and apply to them. You might just stumble upon something.
  5. Be active. Do everything you can to try and improve your daily ‘grind’. Small changes such as going a different route to work every day will make your commute a little less boring. Ask to play some music every now and again either in headphones or on a radio, this can have a big effect on mood in the office. Don’t get in a slump and assume every day will be bad, keep a positive attitude.
  6. Don’t hold on for too long. Give yourself a time frame to fix the problems. If you haven’t resolved it and you still don’t like your new job, then it’s likely time to hand in your notice. Don’t leave it till after your probationary period – ensure that it’s before you become fully enrolled in the company. If you’ve stayed at the company for a short period of time (less than your probationary period) then omit it from your CV and move on from this experience.
  7. Learn from the experience. If you kept track of the problems you’ll be able to spot them in your next job if they arise, and you’ll know how to deal with them accordingly.

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