What does it mean to become a signatory of the “People Matter Charter”?

6.4% of the UK’s GDP is accounted for by construction. The industry itself employs 2.4 million people, however, construction’s impact stretches across areas further than the UK due to materials being sourced from every corner of the globe.

With a poor reputation, it’s challenging to persuade new generations into the industry. Though the reputation is a partial view which is somewhat imbalance. significant progress addressing issues such as managing and developing people up and down the supply chain has been seen.

The Supply Chain School set out to identify what organisations should have in place to treat people responsibly. They came up with eight commitments that signatories and their supply chain should be able to evidence if they truly believed “People Matter”.

By signing the Charter, Mane has agreed to:

  1. Equality, diversity, and inclusion – Intent
    Implement Equality & Diversity / Fairness. Inclusion & Respect objectives practices to increase employee satisfaction and improvement in workplace behaviour.

  1. Skills and training – Intent
    Provide employment, skills and training strategy with a monitored implementation plan.

  1. Workforce culture – Intent
    Deliver physical, mental and social wellbeing objectives and practices designed to support

  1. Living wage – Intent
    Plan towards paying the real living wage.

  1. Due Diligence – Intent
    Due diligence ensuring human rights are being protected through the materials supply chain.

  1. Labour legal requirements – Requirement
    Ensuring all permanent or temporary labour in our organisation have the right to work in this country.

  1. Labour exploitation – Requirement
    Show evidence that Mane the capacity & resilience to identify and report issues of labour exploitation.

  1. Payments – Requirement
    Demonstrate that all payment mechanisms in place for employment comply with HMRC Legislation concerning Tax, NI and pension contributions. As well as legal compliance, evidence that employees directly employed or through the supply chain are not subjected to hidden payments and have access to all benefits such as sick, holiday and paternity pay and they are made aware of their entitlements.

Here at Mane, we strive to be leaders of change hence why we’ve signed the Charter. We have committed to a prioritised approach that considers risks & opportunities, leverage & ability to undertake more activity. Allowing support to be delivered where required.