Top 10 Tips When Starting Your New Job

You’re starting a new job - you nailed the interview and you’ve gotten the most out of your recruiter, what’s next? Making a positive first impression and trying to fit into your new workplace can be difficult. Regardless of whether your new job is temporary, permanent, full time or part time, it is important that you’re happy in your new environment. Here are the Top 10 tips to ensure your first impression at your new job is a good one:

  1. Dress professionally/appropriately. Regardless of the type of industry you enter, there will usually be a dress code. Make sure you ask prior to starting as to what you should wear.
  2. Be positive and try to be in a good mood. Moods radiate off people, ensuring you are in a good mood for your first day is key. No one likes to be around grouchy people, as it can rub off on them.
  3. Try to learn everyone’s name. Although it’s not expected on your first day, try to learn everyone’s names in a reasonable amount of time. It can get awkward later on if after a few weeks you still aren’t sure what someone’s name is.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or for help. Everyone was new once, so don’t be nervous to ask for help. It will help you make fewer mistakes and improve relationships with your co-workers.
  5. Take plenty of notes. You won’t learn everything on your first day. Take notes to refer back to if you get stuck and can’t ask anyone for help.
  6. Don’t be late. It’s never a good impression if you’re late - being early is fine but never be late. Ever. Always give yourself enough time to get to work. 
  7. Take initiative. Many companies won’t want to overwhelm you with work, but if you finish what you have been given take some initiative and do some extra work or the next day’s work.
  8. Start a good attendance record from the beginning. Avoid calling in sick in your probation period unless you’re extremely ill, in that case, try to provide a doctor’s note.
  9. Listen more than talk. Although people will want to get to know you, you should try getting to know your coworkers first. Listen and look interested rather than interrupting, one-upping or storytelling.
  10. Set goals and keep track of them. When you start, set some goals for yourself. This will come in handy when you have a review with your boss - you will have documentation on how well you are performing.

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