Top 10 Tips to Nail Your Next Interview

Congratulations, you got the most out of your recruiter and you’ve landed an interview. Interviews can be nerve-racking and your anxieties can sometimes get the better of you. We have prepared the Top 10 Tips to make sure you stay calm and make a great first impression on your next interview.

  1. Get as much information about the company as you can. You can do this by speaking to your recruiter - use them to get the low-down on the company. Research the company website, social media pages and anything else relevant to better understand the company.
  2. Be prepared. Plan your route to the interview and where you can park - you may end up late otherwise. Make sure you bring relevant documents such as your NI number, Passport and any other document you may be asked to bring along with you.
  3. Dress professionally. When going to your interview always dress up, even if the company has a casual dress code.
  4. Don’t be late, but don’t be too early either. Managers are very busy; turning up half an hour before your interview can ruin their schedule. Aim to be around 5 to 10 minutes early and don’t keep them waiting either.
  5. Handshake and eye contact. Initial impressions count - start with a good, firm handshake with clear eye contact.
  6. Be comfortable. When you get into the interview room ask to take your jacket or coat off. Don’t keep it on or you’ll look like you want to leave quickly.
  7. Don’t fidget. Keep your hands under the desk if you’re a fidget - it is distracting and will show your nerves.
  8. Know your CV. Remember every detail of your CV so when you are asked a question you don’t have to refer back to it. If your recruiter made changes, it is important you learn them.
  9. Have answers and questions prepared. Interviews will often have standard questions. so do some rehearsals. Always have your own questions prepared to ask the interviewer - it will show your interest in the company and the role.
  10. Make sure you ask about the next steps in the process. It is always handy to check when you can expect to hear from the interviewer, or when your recruiter will contact you with feedback. Find out whether there will be further interviewing stages so you can prepare yourself.

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