The 4 Key Benefits to Our New Video Recruitment Technology

We are in a new time where video engagement has become almost second nature as a result of COVID-19 restrictions and many clients are using Zoom, Teams, Skype to conduct first stage interviews. 

This is just a further adaptation of using video technology, however, by using it earlier in the recruitment cycle we can save time and add value to our clients and candidates.

Below are the 4 primary benefits as I see them:

#1Using video to engage with the passive talent pool

A Video approach to our talent pool enables us to far better 'present the opportunity' and grab that potential superstar candidate’s attention.

In a busy and ever changing world, us being able to use video as the first means of positioning our client’s opportunity makes a massive difference;

  • Mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year
  • 78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view video online everyday
  • 75% of video plays are on mobile devices


It, therefore, makes perfect sense that we use video to approach candidates and tell them about our fantastic clients, the opportunity we have for them, the project, the career development opportunity, the list goes on and on – all of which is far more easily conveyed over video!

#2 – Reducing the time to hire by up to 70%

How many candidates would you normally interview before making a hire?

Why do many candidates not hit the mark?  Skillset? Experience? Communication skills?  Team Fit?

Is it fair to say that a video of each candidate at application stage, alongside their CV, answering a set of your very own specific pre-screen questions, could save you time by selecting the best candidates to interview?

If I put my 'hiring manager or HR hat' on, I can 100% say I would rather receive a video profile and a CV at application stage, rather than a few pieces of paper with some text on.

By assessing only the best candidates to interview because you have already had the opportunity to see and hear them answering your very own pre-screen questions, this will save you time spent on unsuitable candidates.  Even if that saves you one interview that you otherwise would have done, that is probably 1.5 hours back in your day.

#3 – The ability to assess each candidates potential cultural fit

Cultural/Team fit is SO important when making a hire and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to recognise that the cost of a 'bad hire' can be expensive on so many levels (Recruitment fee's, your time, training/induction costs, poor work/customer reputation)

I am sure you have, as I have interviewed candidates who on paper looked amazing, who turned out to perhaps not be quite so amazing or were unable to demonstrate they could communicate effectively.  Equally, I have interviewed candidates who I wasn't sure about from reading their CV, who when I have met them have really impressed me by the way they came across and what they could bring to the team.

Using Video interviewing right at the beginning of the recruitment cycle to enable you to get a better feel for the candidates ‘fit’ just makes sense right?

#4 – An online Client portal / ATS to easily manage all applicants

Nowadays many organisations already have an HR system or Applicant Tracking system that they use and that is brilliant and what we offer isn’t necessarily seeking to replace that.

It does, however, save you time receiving multiple emails with separate candidate CV's attached.  We would provide you, and as many of your hiring managers as required with a login, you immediately see all candidate CV's and their video profile, different managers can make comments that are visible to others and you can call each candidate or reject each candidate with the click of a button once you have reviewed their CV and video profile.

See what one of our happy customers is saying:

We recently partnered with MANE Contract Services to exclusively deliver our temporary recruitment for our Distribution Centre at Majestic Wine Warehouses LTD. MANE introduced us to their video-interview technology and we immediately saw the benefit in terms of time and logistics.  We are now using MANE’s online candidate portal, this enables all hiring managers to access the candidate's video/CV profiles, we can make comments and share our thoughts as to the candidate’s suitability.  This process has now been implemented as our complete interview process, we are hiring off the back of MANE’s video interviews and this has massively sped up the recruitment cycle and saved us so much time’. We love this new way of Hiring and very pleased with the Candidate quality as well as the amazing service MANE provides us. We recommend this service 100%, keep up the good work Team MANE

Lila De Franca, Majestic Wines