Rise in construction output & infrastructure projects planned

The demand for skilled construction professionals is likely to continue to soar, as a plethora of exciting projects are due to get underway, with construction industry output expected to grow by 4% this year and 3% in 2016.

Have we got the skills to meet the demand?

All of this is obviously very encouraging for the UK’s construction contractors, but unfortunately it seems that the number of skilled contractors in the UK has fallen sharply in recent years. 350,000 people have left the industry since the financial crisis, and it’s vital that companies introduce apprenticeship schemes in order to create a new generation of construction experts.
It’s not all doom and gloom though!
Despite the fact so many firms have seemingly been forced to pull out of the running for contracts, there are still plenty of high-profile developments penciled in to start in the next few years. Whether it’s High Speed 2, Crossrail 2, or the growing number of energy, road and housing projects that are being launched, there has arguably never been a better opportunity for UK-based construction professionals to make some serious money and secure a pipeline of continuous work for the foreseeable future.
The solution Mane are providing
Mane have been working hard to reduce the gap on the number of available workers against the required workers needed to deliver these projects. We have placed great emphasis on upskilling the current workforce, to make them multi-skilled, and recruiting youth on structured apprenticeships. As well as that, we have focused on training, developing and engaging people unemployed, to assist them in returning to work, as well as proactively supporting initiatives to encourage more female workers in the industry.
Thames Tideway

Mane are also relishing the prospect of being involved with the pre-construction stage of the Thames Tideway project. The proposed project would not only improve the environment, ecology, public health, appearance, reputation and long-term economy of London, but also give a much-needed and immediate boost to the economy by offering thousands of skilled jobs and hundreds of apprenticeships.

Having been involved with previous Asset Management Control Periods, Mane are looking forward to supplying major contractors and sub-contractors with skilled personnel to carry out large-scale refurbishment and maintenance works, as well as Mechanical, Electrical and Civils packages under the AMP 6 framework

High Speed 2

What had become one of the longest protracted infrastructure projects, with numerous delays and strong opposition, has finally showed signs of progression, with a new timetable having been agreed by MP’s. Whilst plans continue to be passed through parliament under the Hybrid Bill, the latest news at least shows a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.  While the suggestions of on-board shops, gyms and GP’s in a recent passenger survey, do seem a little profligate, with the first set of tenders for the mammoth £50bn project expected to be open for bids in September, the first spade in the ground may not be as far away as we think
Keep an eye out for my next blog that will be in the last quarter of the year, reflecting on 2015 and looking ahead to 2016.
Darrell Atkins
Rail and Infrastructure Manager