Mental Health in Rail & Construction

The world of rail and construction can be quite a burley place. A lot of workplace antics and shenanigans can occur whilst on the job as well as dealing with the tough physical, mental and possibly even emotional sides of the job everyday. Working to tight deadlines and doing long arduous days can take their toll.

With this, your physical health can take a toll on your body, and ahead of all of that – mental health can be affected too.

Mental health might be seen as something not too important by some in the workplace but it is growing in notoriety. Charities and organisations are in place to help workers feeling secluded, jaded, stressed, anxious or depressed so that they have somebody to talk to.

Addressing mental health shouldn’t be seen as a sign of weakness or a subject you shouldn’t address. It is vital to a human’s well-being, just as breathing and walking.

Talking is the best way to address mental health. Sitting down and talking with someone like a family member, friend or work colleague that you can open up to is a great way to sort things out. If you feel like none of these you an open up to or if they are too close to home, there are other options.

Charities such as Mates in Mind specialise in supporting those in the construction industry who just need some guidance, somebody to talk to or a shoulder to lean on – working closely with top mental health charities such as Mind and Samaritans.

Mental health shouldn’t be a stigma. If you were working ill - you would tell someone, if you were working with a physical injury – you would tell someone, so why is mental health any different?

Keep on doing what you’re doing whether on the rails, on construction site, in the factory or on the go – but just remember in the back of your mind – if you need to talk to someone, there are places and individuals that offer support for you.