Mane set to be heavily involved with the next phase of Crossrail

Widely acknowledged as one of the most laborious and challenging aspects of Crossrail, the tunneling phase, operated by “tunnel gangs” of 20 people every hour of the day and moving 3.4 million tonnes of earth, was by no means an easy feat. With the tunneling work completed, the biggest construction project in Europe now moves into its next phase, which Mane is incredibly excited to be involved with. 

The second phase, which includes new stations, major station upgrades, wiring, crossing installations and overhead line electrification structures, will start to take effect from this month onwards. All these projects have to be delivered under the specifications of the framework dictated by CP5 in an effective and efficient manner.

Mane will continue to be involved in this huge project as part of the surface team providing engineering personnel, working on the installation of wiring and electrical work, as well as upgrading current stations. Mane will be providing skilled staff for station upgrades for both the central part of the line, such as Paddington, Tottenham Court Road and Woolwhich as well as fit-outs for the majority of Crossrail West.

The fit out of the new stations will finish in 2017 and they will be tested afterwards, with full service expected to start at the end of 2018. Some of the locations will have enabling jobs like gas mains and demolition of buildings. The new stations have been designed to combine the latest technology with engineering solutions, whilst at the same time incorporate architecture components to fit e-wall and floor finishes, lifts, escalators and lighting.

With Mane’s new Crossrail office situated in the heart of London, the Infrastructure Team are primed to deliver exceptional personnel for the next stage of the project.