Mane Product & Technology Magazine Issue 5 - August 2018

Our latest Product & Technology magazine is Issue 5! This month, we look into the hot topic of the moment with Facebook and their data privacy, have a look at Apple and their latest software updates as well as looking at the Smart Phone wars between the big names and the newcomers and the demand for on-demand content.

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UK Drone Industry Boom
The drone industry in the UK is one that could literally take off. Read about how drones could impact the economy for the better.

The Smart Phone Showdown
In a battle of the giants and veterans of the mobile phone market, is it really just the name you're paying for and are there any real new contenders you should know?

Content with Content
In a world where almost anybody can become an 'influencer', we show off 4 of the internets most followed and explain more about why we follow them and why you should too.

The New Wave for Streaming Content
In 2018 - is the television dying a slow death? Is the way we watch our entertainment changing to purely online? We have a look at what content is going online and if on demand is in demand.





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