Mane Product & Technology Magazine Issue 4 - April 2018

In our latest issue of our Mane Product & Technology Magazine (Issue 4 / April 2018), we look at what's trending in the world of technology with topics that matter most to you! Read the magazine now.

Hot topics we look at:

  • Human technological enhancement: What are the limits of technological enhancement for humans? We explore what breakthroughs we've made in the area of technology and body manipulation.
  • Smart speaker revolution: The market for smart speakers is growing thanks to the recent launch of the Apple HomePod and mainstays Amazon Echo & Google Home - what's the difference?
  • All aboard the cryptocurrency train: Cryptocurrencies have been with us for several years, but in 2017 they became increasingly mainstream as prices of many shot up. What's going on?
  • Best of CES 2018: CES 2018 has come and gone, but we've got our eyes set on several new pieces of tech announced at the show. These are our favourites announced at CES 2018 in January!


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