Mane pass RISQS audit with flying colours

After receiving 5 stars previously, the pressure was on to maintain these high standards a year later. After an extensive audit across a multitude of product groups, Mane were adjudged to be competent across all aspects, with no major or minor conformities, or discrepancies reported in the audit result. Mane continue to be one of the only agencies in the UK to have been awarded a 5 star accreditation.

RISQS supports rail in the areas of safety, standards, knowledge, innovation and a wide range of cross-industry schemes – including supplier assurance. As a supplier you can use RISQS to register and qualify your organisation and make yourself visible as a potential supplier to the rail sector. This saves time and helps you win new business. Buyers will already be using RISQS to look for suppliers like you, as they can search for companies based on their products, services, skills, size and location and their credentials in delivering safety and quality.

This award is a fantastic achievement for all those involved, who put an enormous amount of effort into ensuring Mane were compliant with all the necessary standards. The award entitles Mane to continue to supply personnel for Network Rail and London Underground infrastructure projects.

If you have any immediate requirements for either Rail or Infrastructure staff, please get in touch!