Mane in China

China has long been a figurehead at the forefront of multiple industrial innovations and technologies. The working culture and willpower of the country is key to its success and the driving force behind the massive economic boost which make China the world’s second largest economy by nominal GDP.

China’s public sectors account for a large amount of the country’s economic growth, with the private sectors also pulling their weight in stimulating the growth and changes in the countries’ fortunes. All these factors in motion, the appeal of working in China and the recruitment requirements for a specifically skilled workforce has never been greater.

Mane Contract Services work alongside a number of companies who spread across a number of burgeoning markets and industries in the Far East. We have helped place numerous skilled Engineers and Executives into a variety of roles in China, going from Automotive, Energy and Product & Technology recruitment.



Mane’s Energy department focuses on renewable energy projects across the globe. They cover the all sorts of roles from the design side to the implementation and build, as well as engineering. Over the years Mane has built up a large collection of trusted and reliable contractors who have worked on projects internationally, some at the drop of a hat.

China is becoming a world leader in wind energy (along with its Asian counterparts) and with multiple years’ experience in working in this sector, Mane is well placed to help your company find top candidates to work in China.


The Chinese Automotive sector is speeding up with no sign of slowing down, and great technological advancements have led to China becoming one of, if not the main voice when it comes to automotive developments.

Mane has had great success helping place multiple candidates in this sector with our long-established Automotive team building up a database of trustworthy names ready to tackle any situation the Far East wishes to throw at them – covering everything from vehicle research & development and Engineering in the factory or Executives or Directors in the boardroom.

Product and Technology

Of course with all of these technological advancements, the IT side of life in China has never been more imperative to the everyday workings of Chinese life.  With new technology, new media and new ventures pondering into digital ideas many only dreamed of – China’s new advanced digital landscape is one that is the envy of the world.

Mane’s Product Technology teamwork within the IT industry and all the other sub-industries that have arisen as a result of emerging new technologies, we are able to find and place staff across Product, Data & Software from consultant all the way to VP / director level. Our Product & technology team can provide an all-encompassing recruitment solution in the Product spectrum to create and enhance your Product & Technology division.

With such a wealth of incredible opportunities needing the right candidates to be fulfilled – why not look into Mane Contract Services for fulfilling your future roles. Mane also stretches across a variety of other industries and endeavour to provide the optimum candidates to reflect that of the client they are recruiting for.