Mane Engineering Magazine Issue 9 - January 2018

In our latest issue of our Mane Engineering Magazine (Issue 9 / January 2018), we look at what's trending in the world of engineering with topics that matter most to you!

Hot topics we look at:

  • Landing an engineering role: How does someone enter into the engineering industry? We've got some tips to help aspiring engineers, students and recent graduates land that engineering role they're dreaming of.
  • Where are we with autonomous vehicles?: Where are we with autonomous vehicles and what does the future look like? We've made strides in the AI running autonomous vehicles - check out what's been done.
  • Tesla Roadster & Semi: Tesla has announced the all-new Roadster and electric Semi-trucks. Find out what they're all about and which companies have  already put in orders.
  • Will AI replace our soldiers?: We look at the development of AI or robotics in the army. Autonomous vehicles, robots soliders, AI-powered artillery and weapons & more!

We also look at a new era of Formula 1, how we're planning to clean up space, recent NASA achievements, an interesting partnership between two engineering giants and much more! Check out the magazine.


Chan Savani, Divisional Manager
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