Mane Engineering Magazine - Issue 8 - September 2017

In our latest issue of our Mane Engineering Magazine (Issue 8 / September 2017), we discuss a wide range of topics, providing insights into key developments that matter most to you.

Jump to these sections:

  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Automotive, F1 & Motorsport
  • Aerospace, Defence & Space

Some of the hot topics we look at:

  • Where Are We With Women & Youth in Engineering?: We give an update on the current state of women & youth in the engineering industry and the avenues available to increase engagement and involvement.
  • Could F1 be leaving Silverstone, the British GP and the UK behind?: The owners of the Silverstone Circuit have opted out of their contract with F1 and the final race at Silverstone will be in 2019. Could F1 actually be done at Silverstone or will a new home be found in the UK?
  • F-35 Next Generation Stealth: The UK has introduced the new F-35 in its arsenal and it's a beast of a machine. Find out more about the F-35 and how it's affecting UK industries.


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