Mane Energy Magazine Issue 9 - March 2018

In our latest issue of our Mane Energy Magazine (Issue 9 / March 2018), we look at what's trending in the world of energy & renewables with topics that matter most to you! Read the magazine now.

Hot topics we look at:

  • What will change by 2030?: Giving you a look into what's being done to reduce our impact on the planet as we search for new means of generating sustainable power.
  • The history of wind turbines: Wind turbines have come a long way since their conception and have been around longer than you might think. We explore how wind turbines changed over time.
  • Our Projects - Where are we working?: A quick update into what we're doing across the UK and Europe. We have lots of exciting projects we are going to be a part of in the coming months and into 2018.
  • Future Energy Technology: What new innovative technology is in the pipeline for energy? Could we see any of these technologies replace our current infrastructure?


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