Mane Contractor Saves Life

A normal working day for Ana Fustei, ended up becoming an eventful one she’ll never forget. Having been going about her duties at the Hayes and Harlington Crossrail site, what was about to unfold couldn’t have been any more shocking and unexpected. A fragile, distressed woman, was poised at the platform edge, fully prepared to end her life, as Ana explains:

It all started as a normal night in Hayes and Harlington Station when suddenly I saw on another platform from the station a young girl who looked like she was trying to kill herself. She wanted to jump in front of every train that was coming by but could not jump far enough. I immediately asked for instructions from my Manager and Supervisor from that night, and I listened to their advice, calling the emergency services straight away, which no doubt saved that girl’s life and also the safety of the trains and any passengers/passers-by. British transport police came quickly along with an ambulance and they managed to eventually calm her down and luckily she was completely unharmed and looked after.

An extremely stressful and traumatic experience, handled with the utmost composure. The unthinkable was prevented, with a precious life still in-tact. Naturally, there was a great sense of relief on site and people were quick to praise Ana for her bravery. Mane and VINCI would like to commend Ana for her actions and would like to thank all the other staff on site for their help and assistance too.

As a result, Mane Infrastructure and Rail Consultant Chris Stupack was delighted to present Ana with a voucher, as part of our monthly safety supper where exceptional performance, knowledge and risk reduction is recognised.