Mane commits to fairness, inclusion and respect (FIR) in the workplace

Here at Mane, several members of staff have recently taken part in training with the Supply Chain Sustainability School to learn more about the importance of fairness, inclusion and respect (FIR) in the workplace.  Mane is committed to ensuring all employees are treated fairly, feel included and shown respect at work.  We want everyone to enjoy coming to work and have the chance to forge a successful career.


  • What does fairness, inclusion and respect mean at Mane?

Fairness is about treating everyone as an individual and according to their needs.

Inclusion means making everyone feel they are a key part of the business and valuing their different skills.

Respect is about creating an environment where everyone feels they have the opportunity to succeed regardless of their background, lifestyle or beliefs.


  • Why have we appointed Ambassadors?

Mane now has trained FIR Ambassadors; Emma Sullivan, Darrell Atkins, Donna Murphy, Gita Gajjar, Liam O’Connor, Keerthi Narasimhan, Steve McCarney, Stephen Stuart, Hannah Stewart, Beth Crisp, Keerthi Narasimhan and Chan Patel.

As FIR Ambassadors, we will aim to encourage a culture where people feel able to speak up and speak out on FIR matters.  We will implement our FIR strategy and challenge any practices or behaviours that are not fair, inclusive or respectful.  We have signed a commitment to promoting FIR within our organisation and supply chains and must report back on our actions annually.

We have created a FIR Action Plan to make some changes over the coming year; these include:

  1. Undertaking Diversity and Inclusion monitoring
  2. Rolling out the Inclusive Recruitment Masterclass training across all recruitment teams
  3. Considering ways that our advertising and selection process can be more inclusive
  4. Enhancing our Onboarding process to include information on FIR

We are committed to ensuring that there is equality of opportunity for our own people, as much as we are for our contractors and candidates. Here at Mane, we will continue promote FIR, as this will continue to improve our workplace by encouraging fairer, more inclusive and more respectful attitudes and behaviours.