Mane Automotive, F1 & Motorsport Magazine Issue 1 - September 2018

Our brand new Automotive, F1 & Motorsport magazine is Issue 1! Our debut issue has a look into the hot topics of the moment with technology and greener cars being big talking points in the industry currently. We have a look at how cars have evolved to the point where they can drive themselves, what alternative transmissions are out there and as well as looking at other aspects of the automotive and motorsport industry.

All this and more in Issue 1 of Mane Automotive, F1 & Motorsport! Click here to open.

Unanimous for Autonomous
Times are changing with the demand for autonomous vehicles growing as technology continues to develop. What was once a distant dream is close to being a reality as we look at how it has developed into what it is today.

Keen for Green
In a world where we are always trying to be greener, reduce emissions, be less harmful to the environment and build towards a cleaner future, the automotive industry in making great strides investing and researching new technology to go with the times.

Motorsport Update
What’re the latest goings on with the Formula One? What has happened with Formula E recently? WRC Rally Updates? We look into the latest goings on from the world of Formula One and other Motorsports.

Getting to Know Us..
Our Automotive team at Mane is growing and expanding to cover more and more areas of a very large industry. In ‘Getting to know us..’ learn more about one sector we recruit in and a little more behind the staff that drive us forward.


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