Mane Aerospace, Defence & Space Magazine Issue 1 - October 2018

Our debut issue has a look into the hot topics of the moment with the importance of MRO being very popular in the industry. We take a look into the UK’s return to the Boxer programme whilst also looking at how two major suppliers are looking to modernise the iconic British Military Vehicle, the Challenger 2.

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The Importance of MRO
Airlines and aircraft companies now more than ever require highly-skilled, trustworthy and proven workers in order to maintain their fleet’s high standards and ensure any overhauls and maintenance are carried out to max level.

Action Woman
One of our consultants, Georgina Freeman, who works within the Aerospace, Defence & Space sectors gives her insight on how her last three and a half years at Mane has been.

Challenger 2: Modernising an Iconic British Military Vehicle
The Challenger 2 succeeded the popular Challenger 1 and has been in service for over 20 years. Read more to find out how 2 major suppliers are bidding to win the rights to go with their frameworks and designs for Mark 2 of the Challenger 2. 

Worms in Space
Thousands of worms are being flown to the International Space Station later this year for scientists to understand more about spaceflight muscle loss. This experiment could potentially lead to developing effective therapies and new treatments for muscular dystrophies, but could also potentially help improve treatment for diabetes. 


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