Introducing Socium: The Answer to All Your Recruitment Needs

We’re excited to share our latest endeavour, Socium. Part of the Mane Group of Companies, Socium is a managed service provider platform that delivers an end-to-end recruitment solution for all your recruiting needs. We believe it’s an important development in the growth of Mane in the recruitment industry. Leading the industry for over 20 years, Mane continues to utilise the latest technologies that provide tremendous value for all our customers.



What does Socium do?
Socium automates and simplifies the recruitment process by helping attract, engage, recruit, and on-board candidates quickly and efficiently all through one portal. Socium takes care of the entire recruiting process and provides real-time data, saving you valuable time and money – allowing you to focus on what you do best. The platform is based entirely in the cloud, meaning it can be accessed anywhere and anytime, whether you’re on your mobile or computer.

A Recruitment Solution All in One Convenient Location
Most contracting companies use more than one agency for their recruiting needs – Socium eliminates the need to contact several agencies; it is dealt entirely by Mane, streamlining the recruitment process. Simply log into Socium, place an order for the roles you require, then track, authorise, approve and receive invoices using our online recruitment software. All information is at your reach whenever you need it – total visibility means you see every step of the recruitment process with access to all data, from start to finish.

Saving Time & Money
With Socium, you’re no longer struggling to gather information for your contracted staff. It eradicates manually checking timesheets and invoices, without having to contact several different agencies. Data for all staff is consolidated in an integrated timesheet, regardless of where they came from and where they’re currently working. Invoices can be generated weekly or monthly – conveniently receive them all together, rather than sporadically. Track relevant certificates of all employees and receive notification when a certificate is set to expire ensuring your staff is always fully qualified and able to work.

Business Analytics for Improved Decision Making
Measure, track & analyse performance, quality & costs. Socium generates on-demand reports on all areas of process and spend, which provides analytics used for decision making. It allows you to monitor the performance of agencies, and benchmark their performance against the entire supply chain. Develop budgetary and spending projections for future projects using data gathered from past jobs – all from within Socium.

Who can take advantage of Socium?
The recruitment platform is most beneficial to companies that:

  • Are frequent users of contract staff
  • Have multiple operational sites nationally
  • Have multiple hiring managers across different sites
  • Use numerous agencies with varied commercials
  • Rely on regulated certification or work in a safety critical environment


Who uses it?
Oxford Instruments has been using Mane as their managed service provider since 2011. Prior to this, they were running over 90 agency staff, through multiple agencies, using different pay dates, timesheets and processes. This proved to be highly inefficient and time consuming across many departments of the business.

"Since then, we have benefited from many efficiency improvements:

  • By agency staff who no longer need to create and communicate timesheets;
  • By hiring managers in recruiting contract staff, both in terms of speed and quality;
  • By finance staff and line managers receiving and authorising multiple invoices;
  • By the output of the production facility, in that the skills we have recruited are more reliably tested;
  • By HR communicating with a single agency reducing multiple contacts and communications;

Since that time, we have been hugely impressed by the professionalism and responsiveness of the staff at Mane. On reflection, this is an activity that we should have undertaken years ago – we should not have been concerned. We have learnt to trust Mane’s advice and our team, and the business, have benefitted greatly.”