How to Find Your Next Job Using Social Media

You may already have a profile and found a job on LinkedIn, but there are other social networking sites that you can find a job on. Earlier this year, Facebook announced it will be implementing job openings and applications on its platform in an effort to target lower-skilled workers and people who aren’t actively looking for a job. This allows business pages to post job openings to their News Feed and to host them on a Jobs tab on their page. You can find all of Mane’s latest job opportunities on our Facebook page directly on the Jobs tab. It doesn’t end at LinkedIn and Facebook, however, as you can find a job using any social media site these days.

Here are a few tips to help you find your next role using social media.

  1. Engage with and follow companies you’re interested in. Using your desired platform (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.), follow companies in your field or ones that you’d like to work for. You’ll automatically be notified about new product/service developments, new projects and other related news within the company. Many companies post new job opportunities on their social media platforms – these updates will appear directly on your news feed for easy access and viewing. You can also find and follow key individuals within the industry which will give you further insights. Like, comment and engage with these individuals/companies and join in the conversation. This will demonstrate your expertise and interest.
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    Some companies have dedicated social media job pages that will give you the latest, most up-to-date job opportunities right at your fingertips. Our Twitter Jobs page gives you instant updates to all our latest job opportunities so you never miss a chance at your next great role.
  2. Stand tall, stand out. Use your knowledge and experience to make yourself stand out in a crowd. Join in on conversations and help answer questions or queries people may have on social media. Reply to individuals and provide insightful links to relevant content in that area. It’ll help grow your follower base as you will be a resource to individuals.
  3. Connect and network. Connect with as many people as you can in your industry. Join social media groups (LinkedIn has a great variety of industry-related groups) and introduce yourself to other members. Use what you know (see tip 2) to provide useful information within the groups. Start conversations and don’t be afraid to make a few friends online. You may stumble upon an individual who can lead you to your next job opportunity.  
  4. Have an electronic portfolio. If possible, build a portfolio or CV online. Compile all your certifications, job experience, knowledge and milestones on a free website builder such as Wordpress. If you can build your own social media page, you can put together an online portfolio. Use the link to your portfolio on your social media pages so that it’s available for anyone to click and view. This is especially useful for IT related roles.
  5. Keep your personal and professional profiles separate. Ensure that the privacy settings on your personal profiles are tight.  You don’t want your personal life to interfere in any way with your professional life.
  6. Search for work, but don’t ask for it. Make connections with the right people and you may fall right into your next role, but don’t ask people for a job. You’ll find many companies, and key individuals within the company will post new job opportunities on their Twitter feeds, Facebook pages and LinkedIn Groups. You may find a job on social media you wouldn’t have found on a regular job board.  

    If you’re following a recruitment company on social media, try connecting with some of their recruiters. Mane’s recruiters post their latest job opportunities on their own pages which will give you a better opportunity at getting a shot at the role. Depending on the site, you can favourite pages that will push their content and updates to the top of your news feed – you’ll be notified before others about the latest roles.

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