Happy National Inclusion Week

September 28th-October 4th 2020 is National Inclusion Week, and here at Mane, we’re celebrating.

National Inclusion Week is the brainchild of Inclusive Employers, a membership organisation we’re part of. This week was created to celebrate all kinds of inclusion and to inspire, share and promote inclusion culture and practices at work.

In 2020, National Inclusion Week is in its eighth year, and the theme this year is Each One, Reach One. This refers to the opportunity we have, as individuals and as organisations, to connect with each other and teach each other something about inclusion. It aims to get people talking and inspiring each other to make everyday inclusion a reality.

Here at Mane, we’re committed both to inclusion in our own workplace and to supporting it with our clients. Our philosophy is that age is just a number, disability is a set of social barriers that deserve to be smashed, the glass ceiling also deserves to be smashed, families and carers come first, everyone should feel safe to come out at work, and multicultural teams are the best.

We recognise that a real diverse recruitment practice has to start from within. That’s why our diverse teams of managers, consultants and support staff are trained and qualified to attract, represent and promote diverse candidates.

Our Diversity and Inclusion policy focuses first on internal training, strategy and experience. We believe that it’s only through educating ourselves, understanding where we have privilege and unconscious bias, and constantly challenging ourselves to go beyond it, that we can understand and appreciate all our candidates.

We’re dedicated to improving our inclusion practice at all stages of the recruitment process, and to helping our clients develop their own Diversity and Inclusion strategy.

We know that today more than ever, clients are turning to their recruitment partners for guidance in developing their diversity plans. That’s why it’s so important to us to demonstrate our deep and wide understanding of the importance of diversity and how we can add real value to our clients’ efforts to create a more diverse workplace.

Increasingly, clients are adopting more of a partnership approach to their recruitment needs allowing a greater emphasis and focus to be placed on attracting and hiring talent from a wider array of sources such as local community engagement initiatives, underrepresented groups, the less abled, ex-service leavers, ex-offenders and job brokerages. This along with our involvement in organisations such as the Supply Chain Sustainability School (of which we are a partner), Women in construction and the armed forces covenant demonstrates how serious we are in creating an inclusive culture in all facets of our day to day business operations.