Getting to know us...

I’ve been at Mane for close to 2 years and enjoy my time working on filling roles in a sector which is my passion. Working on the Automotive team here at Mane gives me an opportunity to focus on a multitude of hands-on blue-collar roles. Within the industry, my focus is on vehicle repair, maintenance and modification.

My interest in this sector comes from a long love of wanting to know from an early age about the inner workings and watching the processes happen. TV shows like MTV’s Pimp My Ride and Top Gear and so on really boosted my interest in cars and wanting to see more than just the look of a car.

The roles I typically recruit for are the vehicle painters, vehicle preppers, vehicle inspectors and panel beaters. I work with a wide range of different clients in the automotive sector including bodyshops who work with fleet vehicles, de-fleet vehicles and import vehicles. My clients are spread across a wide variety of areas of the UK.

I also have clients in the Netherlands and Belgium who recruit British members of staff due to a large amount of talented bodyshop professionals that are in the UK. The reason for this is because there is a lack of talent in these countries so it is therefore necessary to provide staff for them so they can get their projects completed on time.

The projects they work on can vary massively – from the building and production of a new vehicle for a major manufacturer, ready to be shipped out worldwide, to the customization process behind some cars being tailored to a specific customers requests to even just the general workshop repairs.

As time has gone on we have developed a successful working relationship with these companies and they have opened up their business to me and allowed me to provide staff for different areas and sites. This has also helped to take the Mane brand to other companies in and around Europe as it proves that we are more than capable of finding top quality staff for companies in this industry.

Technologies and developments in the automotive sector mean that there will always be a requirement for workers who have skills in order to deal with existing vehicles and the new features of newer and more modern ones.

As the demand for making cars look good on the outside and run well on the inside carries on, my role to oversee it all and find the right people to undertake the leftover roles will continue to be my passion.