Czech Aerospace set to thrive with increased financial backing

The Czech Republic has a long aviation tradition and has always had a strong presence in the aerospace sector. Over the years the country has made a name for itself based on outstanding quality, reliability and innovation in the industry. From basic production to final aircraft assembly and cutting-edge research and development programmes, the local aerospace industry has progressed significantly and simply cannot be overlooked. Today, Czech companies are ready for the challenge of advancing to the next level of global competitiveness in terms of quality and innovation while maintaining some advantages of an emerging market for investors.

What has kept the aerospace sector on such a high level throughout its history is the people that work in the indsutry. Over 10,000 employees work in the industry in the Czech Republic, boasting an enviable level of skill and expertise, which is at the core of the sector’s success. The Czech Republic and its traditionally strong technical education systems provide high-level education in key areas to make sure there are enough graduates in various aerospace related programmes to ensure there's a steady stream of qualified people with relevant knowledge to fullfil the very demanding labour market.

Top Czech universities have outstanding aviation programmes focused on several highly specialised areas that are crucial for aviation-related manufacturing and offer a unique approach in aerospace education, as students are allowed to experience the real world of aircraft design and work on the development of new aircraft themselves with the assistance of aviation experts. This process is supported by various departments in the fields of flight dynamics, controls, advanced avionics, sensors, safety systems and IT solutions. Companies and universities work hard to make sure labour will remain an advantage of Czech aerospace with the continual global growth in the aerospace industry that is expected for years to come.

With so much investment planned too, it's undoubtedly an exciting period for The Czech Republic's aerospace industry. Organisations like CzechInvest, which is the Investment and Business Development Agency of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, have been tasked with attracting foreign investments and developing domestic companies through its services and development programmes. The investment allows existing and new companies to grow and prosper in the Czech Republic and to actively influence the positive development of the business environment.