Candidate of the Month - August 2018

We would like to give special recognition to one of our candidates, Gillian Coates.

Gillian has worked tirelessly for months since working with Mane through her own choice, and has taken off only 2 weeks overall, including weekends! She’s been so busy, we’ve not even been able to get a photo to post!

It hasn’t just been on one job Gillian has been working on. Gillian has accepted roles all over the world. When planning to have her 2-week break regularly, Gillian normally accepts new roles, gets asked to do small favours or join new projects.

Taking on new projects all over the world, Gillian is highly regarded by those at Mane’s Energy team and those employers for whom she has worked with in the past.

Thank you Gillian for your excellent work and effort so far and we look forward to working with you for many years to come! We have a £100 gift voucher for you as our August Candidate of the Month.


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