Action Woman

(As seen in Aerospace, Defence & Space magazine, Issue 1)

I have been at Mane for three and a half years and prior to me joining the company, I did not have any exposure to the Aerospace or Defence sectors before then. 

In my time at Mane, I have had the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge in these sectors, learning what companies and projects play a vital part in these industries. Through this, I am able to spot opportunities in employment within these sectors. 

I really enjoy speaking to candidates on a day-to-day basis as I am able to keep learning about what their everyday work lives involve and as a result, I believe this makes me a better consultant.  Learning what sorts of tasks are executed in several roles by liaising with clients and candidates, I am able to offer a more tailored insight to both parties when briefing them on potential opportunities.

At Mane I specialize in recruiting for engineering requirements, such as Mechanical Design Engineers, Systems Engineers and Project Managers to name a few, as well as developing new & established client relationships further. The roles I typically recruit for also may require a level of Security Clearance or ITAR Clearance, which is a vital part of any on-boarding process for our defence clients and something which also has to be managed very thoroughly. 

As a company, Mane have been involved with recruiting skilled staff for a variety of projects and clients across the globe. The programmes that our team have worked on range from Military Vehicles Space Navigation Systems, Ground Based Air Defence, MRO and Aircraft Interiors, Civilian Aircraft and Marine/ Naval. 

Taking the time to research and map out new projects that have the potential to grow the UK supply chain is something that has been an eye-opener and of real interest – especially the recent Vehicle programmes looking to be implemented in the UK. Not everything is a quick turnaround in defence so patience is key.

To discuss our Aerospace or Defence requirements with me personally, please feel free to get in touch with me personally and I will be happy to discuss how Mane and I can meet your workforce needs.