A Good Feeling

I went into the office last week for a socially distanced face-to-face meeting with my CEO and I left absolutely buzzing!

Our office has been prepared for a staggered return of colleagues: a designated in/out of the office building, one person in the lifts at a time, a marked one-way system around the office, hand sanitiser, and face masks available for everyone. There is even new signage up around the office and I am raring to get back to work!

Whilst technology has been great in terms of keeping us in touch with one another, for me I have missed that buzz of having others around me. On the most part I have to say I have been fortunate and with the support of family, friends and colleagues, I have remained positive and motivated throughout the past 8-9 weeks. There were a few days where, I found it hard being on my own, however a timely FaceTime or a phone call with a friend or colleague normally did the trick in making me realise I still have a lot to be grateful for.

One of the Sector’s I/we recruit for is the Aerospace and Aviation industry. As you will all no doubt be aware, this industry was been decimated. It was hit hard and early. Does this mean we give up on years of hard work? Do we roll over and simply move to focus on a new industry sector?

The answer is ‘of course not’. We will have to adapt, we will support our customers (candidates and clients) through the tough times, as we have through the good. We will have to work hard and work as a team. To me this is a positive challenge as I have never been scared of hard work and have always been a believer in team work. 

I am very proud of our CEO and Chairman, for them the last few months must have been extremely tough; watching a business they have worked exceptionally hard to build, and one they are incredibly passionate about, be hit so hard by forces beyond anyone’s control.

I am very proud of the teams I work with. They have demonstrated our company values in abundance, and not just when it comes to work related topics, but also in terms of looking after one anothers mental well-being.

I am not belittling or underestimating the task that lies ahead, but I am excited to see and feel the ‘green shoots’ of returning to some form of normality; a ‘new normal’ as people are referring to. And to being better and stronger than ever.

Let’s do this.