Dedicated Search Partnership

When it comes to executive search, a considered approach is vital. Getting the right – or wrong – talent can make or break your company’s future. We specialise in finding extraordinary people who are a natural fit with your company culture, needs, and projects, and bring exceptional value to your business.

In addition, as experts in this sector, we’ll provide you with market intelligence, benchmarking and analysis. We’ll take the time to develop an in-depth understanding of your goals, culture and context, then use that understanding to source the best senior personnel from our global talent pool and networks.

Our extensive contacts with the world’s leading companies in this industry, enable us to bring you the best talent available. With our meticulously in-depth approach, you’ll be assured of finding the best-fit candidates who can give you the sharpest edge over the competition.

  • Dedicated resources and use of all of our offline and online global search strategies
  • A consultative and professional approach and recruitment process to all candidates
  • Constructive feedback and weekly project reviews
  • Access to “non-active” talent – candidates who are not looking for a new job, and are therefore likely to be the best
  • Upholding your company value proposition and professional representation of your company
  • A proactive commitment to diversity in your workforce
  • Market Mapping – Our clients have access to exceptional candidates from direct and non-direct competitors
  • One point of contact
  • Detailed competency-based screening, interviews and assessments
  • Competitor knowledge and market analysis
  • Industry expertise
  • Access to psychometric assessments and personality/ behavioural profiling
  • Formal referencing and facility to forensic referencing and background checks
  • Defined project timescales
  • Confidentiality

We will support you at every stage of the process: from defining the detailed job brief, shortlisting CVs, interviews and assessments, the offer stage, salary negotiations, counter-offer management, successful appointment and follow up.