This Alcohol and Drugs Policy Statement is applicable to all Mane Contract
Services Ltd personnel. The Company shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that all
relevant personnel are made aware of this Policy statement.

Mane Work Instruction MQW209 Alcohol and Drugs defines the process and
responsibilities for ensuring compliance with Railway Industry Standard RIS-8070-TOM,
Network Rail Company Procedure NR/L1/OHS/051 and preventing, so far as is reasonably
practicable, offences under the Transport and Works Act 1992. Control measures include:

  • Screening for alcohol and drugs prior to employment on Rail Infrastructure
  • An annual, unannounced, random screening of relevant personnel
  • Arrangements with a Rail Infrastructure approved provider for “for cause” screening
  • Reporting of results to Sentinel
  • Review of the Alcohol and Drugs Policy at least annually

Persons under Mane’s control shall:-

  • Not come to work in an unfit state through drugs or alcohol
  • Not consume alcohol at work
  • Not use, possess or supply a drug of abuse at work or on Rail Infrastructure premises
  • Not discontinue with an agreed course of treatment for an alcohol or drugs related problem without good reason
  • Undergo testing for Alcohol and drugs when requested to do so

When being prescribed medication relevant personnel shall notify their Doctor of the nature
of activities they are engaged in. They shall ensure their Supervisor/Line Manager are
immediately notified of any prescribed or “over-the-counter” medication being taken that
may affect or impair their safe performance.

Personnel that believe they have drugs or alcohol related problems and pro-actively raise
the issue (i.e. not after being involved in an incident or being nominated for a test) shall be
provided confidential support. However, other personnel in contravention of this Policy
shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.