Popular Toy Company

In October 2015, a well—known toy company announced that its factory in Hungary - would undergo expansion in order to further production capacity to meet consumer demand. The factory will accommodate 4,000 staff by 2020.

The first phase of the project was to include the instalment of moulding machines with additional automated warehousing and processing facilities. Mane was brought on board by one of its existing long-standing clients to supply nine staff to build the internal conveyor systems which manage the movement of packaging and loads.

Consultants took a hands-on approach to fulfil the brief and were on the ground in Hungary during the beginning of the project. Throughout the three month project, Mane provided the entire team from the site supervisor to telehandlers, steel erectors and fitters. However, due to the specialist nature of the assignment - and a need for professionals to be compliant with the stringent health and safety requirements on site - Mane leveraged its extensive talent reach to source these skills from across Europe.  

A proportion of the professionals which Mane placed on the assignment were also long-standing contractors: the supervisor on the job has worked with Mane on five other projects. These established candidate relationships offer a level of consistency that clients understandably value.  

Managing international contractors that supply directly from Eastern Europe into another country can be a challenge from a compliance perspective. However, this is something that Mane has extensive experience of - and can provide consultancy around - for clients in areas such as taxation and utilising free movement of labour laws.

Aside from looking internationally to source relevant skills, Mane also worked closely with the site team on this project to identify contractors that were eligible for upskilling and promotion. For example, a steel fitter on this job was developed to take on board a leadership role. Taking this approach avoids bringing in higher level staff who may not understand the site dynamic, while also creating a positive working environment. The contractor continues to work through Mane, at this more senior level, today.

Mane prides itself on its customer retention. The client was extremely impressed by the quality of service it received during this project and Mane continues to work closely with the client. Mane also won the work on the Newfoundland project as a direct result of the success of providing labour to this toy factory, which paved the way for the mega-projects that Mane routinely supplies today.