Arla Dairy

Project brief

Arla’s dairy in Aylesbury is the largest in the UK; at opening it was the biggest in the world, processing over one billion litres of milk per year, representing around ten percent of all the milk in the UK. It is owned by Arla Foods UK which is a subsidiary of Arla Foods, a large producer of dairy products in Scandinavia.

Because of its reputation in the market and superior talent reach, Mane was contracted by Cordell to be the sole supplier of electricians to fit out the £150m build. Although this was an extremely high profile job, sourcing the volume and calibre of professionals needed brought challenges. Most notably, the scale of the project meant that it was drawing much of the electrical resource from the local area.

Mane was required to supply up to 40 electricians to the site at any one time. These professionals had to have specialist skill sets: namely be competent in Building Management Systems (BMS) with extensive experience in working in and around special purpose machinery in a petrol, chemical or factory environment.

To overcome a shortfall of suitable talent locally, Mane leveraged its extensive networks beyond the London area to source professionals from industrial regions across the UK where individuals with these specific skills are more prevalent.   

By leaning on its comprehensive candidate database - which has been systematically built and maintained over the last two decades - as well as utilising its wider talent reach and reputation in the market, Mane was able to deliver the necessary volume of specialist skills to site throughout the duration of the project.

Unsurprisingly, the client reported that it was incredibly impressed with the service that Mane provided on this job. However, for many consultants working on the Arla dairy project, the greatest sense of satisfaction came from being involved in a build which had a significant impact on the local area, creating thousands of jobs in the region for years to come.   

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