Global defence, technology and aerospace

Project brief

Being a global aerospace and defence business, which has over 16 sites across the UK employing over 1,700 people, this company first approached Mane in 2011 to discuss its recruitment requirements.  It was seeking a resourcing partner to source and place skilled contractors to work on the design and manufacture of military vehicles – military vehicles.

By demonstrating its longstanding experience, knowledge and track record within the defence industry, the defence company awarded Mane the contract to provide safety engineers, project managers, system engineers and design and quality engineers for the projects.  While Mane had an extensive network of professionals who had experience within the defence industry, the challenge it faced related to the stringent compliance and security measures involved with the deployment of all defence workers.  So while Mane very quickly identified the right candidates for each role, it had to ensure that each person either had, or could obtain, security clearance or developed vetting.  To prevent any delays to this process – which can take up to four weeks –Mane’s account management team was instrumental in not only keeping on top of reference checks and ensuring individuals were supplying relevant ID, but also in ensuring both the client and candidate were informed throughout the process.

Due to the success of this initial brief, the business expanded the remit of the contract to include recruitment for the manufacturing arm of the projects. This included sourcing assemblers, welders and quality inspectors.  As with the initial brief, Mane had to ensure that all the compliance and security checks were in place ahead of the contract start date, however the roles required for this assignment brought additional challenges. Many were niche skill sets so the recruitment company had to adopt a headhunting approach to source professionals who not only had experience of working on military vehicles, but who also had the required knowledge of the CAD packages used. While this approach yielded enough candidates, Mane had to demonstrate the benefits – such as the skills and career progression opportunities available by working for such a well-established player in the industry - of moving out of one role and into another.  By doing so, the recruitment company not only managed to put forward enough people for the roles, but they also managed to facilitate all security and compliance checks in time for the project kick off date.

Seven years on from the initial award win, Mane continues to work with the corporation and has been instrumental in sourcing a variety of roles for the company’s sites across the UK. By demonstrating that it can source often hard to fill roles to deadline, Mane has become the defence company’s recruitment partner of choice. In addition, its commitment to contractor care has meant that the recruitment company has developed long-lasting relationships with a huge pool of contingent talent within the defence sector, which have been redeployed on assignments time and time again.

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