Mane and the Cabin Interiors: a truly global partnership

Mane has been working with a well-known cabin interior for over 15 years and during that time has successfully placed both permanent and contract engineering professionals across many of the company’s manufacturing sites in the UK, Europe and Southeast Asia.

The recruitment company has built up a strong partnership with the cabin interiors due to not only its ability to source niche skill sets from its global talent pool, but also its commitment to understanding the business, its needs and culture so it can successfully match the right talent time and time again. 

Much of the talent resourcing Mane has provided them with has been around the design, build and fitting of aeroplane galleys including, but not limited to:

  • Assemble technicians                                   
  • Seat fitters
  • CNC millers
  • Manual machinists
  • Maintenance electricians
  • Galley builders
  • Galley wirers

Mane’s longstanding experience within the aviation sector has meant it has built up a vast talent pool of contingent workers that can be called on for the cabin interiors as and when required. By putting candidate experience and management at the heart of its contractor care strategy – through regular communication before, during and after assignments - Mane has been able to successfully fulfil all of their roles and redeploy professionals time and time again. The recruitment company also has a dedicated Account Manger onsite at the cabin interiors each week who not only assist with the onboarding of new starters, but who also meets with Line Managers and HR teams to discuss existing and upcoming projects so that Mane can start pipelining talent based on the company’s requirements – an initiative that has proved vital to the longevity of the relationship.

Through Mane’s track record of sourcing niche contractors for the cabin interiors’ projects both in the UK, Europe and Philippines, in 2018 the recruitment company expanded its remit to include permanent resourcing.  To date, it has placed over ten Senior Design Engineers for the organisation’s Bedfordshire operation. While Mane has managed to fill all roles, the recruitment assignment was not without its challenges. Not only did all professionals need to have relevant aviation experience, as well as knowledge of the CAD packages that the cabin interior team uses, but they would also need to be the right cultural fit for the fast paced environment they would be working in. By ensuring that these requirements were met, Mane was able to successfully fill all positions and also assist several of the Senior Design Engineers - who were relocating from overseas and other UK cities - with information on accommodation and the area they would be moving to.

By ensuring that each assignment they have given to Mane has been completed to spec and deadline, and offering professionals a superior candidate experience, it has built up a global talent pool of candidates who repeatedly use the recruitment company for their career development, and has developed a true partnership with the business that will last for years to come.