Large scale global navigation satellite system


The world’s leading commercial small satellite company with an innovative approach to space engineering, was seeking a recruitment partner to source contractors to work on the development of the global navigation satellite system.

By demonstrating its expertise in sourcing highly skilled engineering professionals within the space industry, they awarded the contract to Mane. This included recruiting radio frequency test engineers, hardware engineers, project managers, mechanical design engineers, as well as PCB inspectors, wirers and assemblers for a six month contract.  Crucially, all engineers had to work to International Traffic & Arms (ITAR) Regulations and European Space Association regulations.

While Mane had a solid network of professionals within the satellite industry, there’s no denying that it is a niche market so sourcing people who not only had the right skills and experience, but who were also available – and open to the opportunity - was a key challenge for this assignment. Consequently, Mane adopted a multi-faceted recruitment campaign. By looking at its existing talent pool it was able to source several contractors who matched the skills and experience requirements. However, it had to widen its search to include not only individuals who had transferable skills sets from other industries – such as defence and aerospace – but also those within other European countries that also had large scale satellite projects.

By adopting this approach, Mane managed to identify suitable candidates from the UK, Germany, France and Italy. However, because the majority of the professionals would either need to relocate entirely, or source accommodation near the site during the week, Mane ensured that it offered guidance on the local area, types of accommodation available and the cost of living.  While some were at first reticent, the vast majority were very keen on the roles and opportunity to not only earn lucrative rates, but also take advantage of the career progression opportunities available at the company.

Once all candidates had expressed their interest, Mane presented its shortlist to the business and following interviews all roles were successfully filled in time for the project kick off date. While the necessary compliance and security checks were carried out on all potential employees, Mane ensured that all individuals were kept up to speed on the progress and when their likely start date would be to prevent any contractors losing interest or sourcing alternative work.

The success of the assignment resulted in Mane being awarded more work with the company to provide contractors for numerous other projects it has been working on. By demonstrating it has access to the right talent, and the strategies to source niche skill sets, and forging a close relationship with all members of the company’s resourcing team, Mane has become a strategic recruitment partner – a partnership it expects to continue for years to come.